Avoid Assault Weapons Charge Denver Colorado

One of my clients this week came to me with a story of an Assault Weapons Charge Denver Colorado that everyone needs to hear.

The Traffic Stop

One day while driving home from his favorite range in Northern Colorado, he got stopped in the Denver area for a traffic violation. He had been shooting his Glock 19 and his AK47 and he had high capacity magazines with him for both. Some 17 round mags for the Glock and some 30 round mags for the AK47. The Glock 19 had a loaded 17 round magazine in it when he was stopped. Being a good gun owner and a responsible citizen he declared his firearms and the Police very nicely asked him to exit the car for their safety.

The Glock was in plain sight the AK47 was in the back seat in a case with no magazines attached. The Police officers examined the Glock and called into their superiors. The whole time telling him he would be on his way momentarily. The next thing he knew he was being arrested and taken to jail. He was charged with having an assault weapon in his possession The Glock 19 with a 17 round mag in it. The AK47 since it was not loaded with the 30 round mags was not a charge. After getting an attorney and going thru all the legal hoops they confiscated the Glock and he will never get it back.

He got to keep the AK47 but all 6 or 8 of the 30 round magazines he had were confiscated. Fines and Legal BS were applied like community service, and a gun safety class, and of course through all of this he lost his gun rights temporarily and can not buy a gun until it is all settled.

Assault Weapons Charge Denver ColoradoHigh Capacity Magazine Ban

Yes, we all know you can go to some gun stores in Colorado and buy these magazines. Some guns even come with them from the factory. But if you carry them for your daily carry you better think again. I do not know if in Pueblo County or Fremont County if anyone would even look. I have been stopped multiple times and no officer has ever taken my gun or looked at the magazine. In Denver, I believe you are limited to 15 round magazines. That does not mean download your 17 round magazine to 15 it means your magazine can hold a maximum of 15.

Colorado gun magazines may hold a maximum of fifteen (15) rounds. Anything that holds more than 15 rounds is considered a large-capacity magazine, which is illegal in the state under CRS ยง 18-12-302

Get Some Smaller Mags

Don’t ask me if the mag can have 15 and have one in the chamber. I don’t know. I never load my mags to the maximum because they may not perform correctly. Get some smaller magazines for your gun especially for the Denver area. Keep your firearms out of sight and be very careful who you elect in the future!!

Assault Weapons Charge Denver Colorado

Denver Colorado Ordinance
Sec. 38-130. – Assault Weapons.


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