May 192013

Guns for Sale

Guns For Sale in Colorado July 1, 2013

Normally I try to keep my articles to training issues, but I think its a good time to talk about upcoming events. As of July 1 you will not be able to sell any firearm legally in Colorado without background checks being done. So now is the time to sell those unwanted firearms before you have to go through the paperwork and expense of the transaction. You say are not going to do a background check when you sell your gun!! Well you better read further. There are some problems with selling a gun without a background check, like what if the gun is used in a crime? Can it come back to haunt you? If you decide to sell a firearm and you wish to document the transaction here is a nice bill of sale form you can use.

Guns For Sale After July 1, 2013

Many people are saying that as long as the date of the transaction is prior to July 1, 2013   it won’t be a problem and that is possibly true as long as you have owned the guns for sale a long time and parties to the transaction do not cause any problems. Anyone who purchases a gun from a dealer or involving a background check after July 1, 2013 will be attached to that gun forever unless it it transferred properly to someone with a background check. These are just a few things to think about in the upcoming new legislation that will effect guns for sale on July 1st in Colorado. I will post any good comments or discussion  about guns for sale  as it becomes available.