Gun Handling in Public Places

Gun Handling in Public Places

I posted a great video this morning on Facebook that a gun store posted on Youtube about Gun Handling in Public Places mainly Gun Stores.

Handling Your Carry Gun in a Gun Store

Gun Handling in Public PlacesYou should never draw your holstered gun in a gun store. If you had to show it to a salesperson for some reason you could remove the holstered gun from your carry position and hand it to them holstered. The other option is if you know you are going to the store with that purpose put the unloaded gun in a gun rug or a hard case and take it in the store that way. A good Gun Rug has many uses it also protects your gun in transit because it is a padded case.

Pulling it out of your pants with no holster is a good way to get shot. It’s also a very unsafe way to handle your handgun. Like the video says the only time it would be ok is in the protection of yourself or others. Gun Handling in Public Places would be the same whether you are in Starbucks or your favorite clothing store.

Where to Point a Gun When in the Gun Store

It’s almost common sense where to point a gun in the gun store, but let’s go over it. First, if the gun is handed to me and the person handing it to me checked the gun in front of me to see if it was loaded that’s great, but the rule is now it’s my turn to check it. It’s always your responsibility to check the gun not someone else’s.

Point the firearm in a safe direction. Drop the magazine while keeping your finger off the trigger and away from the trigger guard. Lock the slide back while pointing in a safe direction. Visually and physically inspect the chamber of the barrel to make sure no rounds are in the chamber of the barrel. Then check the magazine well looking down through the ejection port to the floor and then touch the magazine well at the bottom of the grip to be sure. This is all done while keeping the gun parallel to the floor and pointing it in a safe direction.

What’s a Safe Direction

Years ago the firearms industry figured out they made a mistake when they taught everyone that pointing a firearm down was a safe direction. It became a habit and everyone did it no matter where they were. Down can be a safe direction in some circumstances but here’s the problem many people don’t think about the situation and they just do it as a habit. I like to teach my students to keep the handgun parallel to the floor and point it in a direction that is ok to launch a bullet (the target). Not at yourself or someone else!

Up is generally not safe but it can be depending on where you are. The Right to Left rack, or the Left to right Rack is mostly never ok when you are standing face forward and looking at your target. If you turn your body sideways and bring the gun up to your chest you can point at the target or safe direction and rack your gun a lot easier. This way you will not be pointing it at someone in the next shooting lane, or someone at the other end of the counter at your favorite gun store.

Discipline and Good Gun Habits

Good gun habits mean a series of steps that you have learned and practiced so that you do not violate safety rules when handling a gun. It’s easy to learn and practice these rules. Once you have learned and practiced the steps it will be a habit. Once it is a habit you will always handle a gun that way. Gun Handling in Public Places can be safe and easy if you follow these simple rules.

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