Mar 272011
CCW Reciprocity between Colorado and New Mexico

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CCW Reciprocity between Colorado and New Mexico

Just got back from a trip to New Mexico and before I went I decided to look up the rules of concealed carry and make sure about the CCW Reciprocity between Colorado and New Mexico. I looked several places and it all seemed easy, but then I went to USCCA and the travel reciprocity map(for members only) had New Mexico painted red. I wrote an email to their email support for members and got a response in less than 24 hours and here it is.

Hi Rick, The latest information from New Mexico Public Information Office is that New Mexico has only one formal reciprocity agreement in place and that is with Texas. See the paragraph below. Note that the website states there are “informal” agreements with other states. We have taken the position that we do not want to show reciprocity for those states where the decision of an individual, NM state trooper might disagree.

New Mexico Department of Public Safety is reevaluating the status of eighteen other states currently recognized on an informal basis, with the intent of entering into written agreements with these states to ensure compliance. These states are Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wyoming.

What a great response and a super resource the USCCA is, but I decided to do what every responsible gun owner should do…I called the New Mexico Department of Public Safety myself to check the CCW Reciprocity between Colorado and New Mexico. Talking with them they assured me that I could carry in New Mexico without a problem. In addition, I did review all the little rules they have that may be different than ours, such as you can only carry one gun…not a problem for me, also they have different rules for places that serve Liquor.

This just goes to show the well informed responsible gun owner is always better prepared to stay out of trouble and have a great trip. The USCCA(United States Concealed Carry Association) can help with great information and they are always willing to help!!!

UPDATE 9/22/18

I currently recommend for all of my students that travel with firearms and need to know the CCW Reciprocity between Colorado and New Mexico. This seems to be the most comprehensive of all the places you can look up the laws and the reciprocity, and it is the place that the industry recommends most of the time.

Recommended reading for anyone who is serious about concealed carry