Why Shoot Your .22 For Practice

One of the techniques I have started to use for improving my shooting skills is practicing a lot more with a .22 caliber pistol.  The .22 is perfect for learning properFederal 22 ammo shooting techniques and target skills. It has low recoil and is economical to shoot. Trigger control is fairly easy to master because there is little recoil and .22 ammo is widely available and dirt cheap, so it is perfect for learning and practicing. It’s great for new shooters too.  Starting a new shooter with a more powerful handgun is usually not a good idea it can also lead to that person not wanting to shoot at all. The recoil and the noise can cause the new shooter to develop a flinch, which makes accurate shooting impossible and a hard habit to break. I have found that my big caliber shooting has improved quite a bit since practicing with my .22.  Shooting my .22 caliber at 50 feet has helped my trigger control and my sight picture control tremendously, and it has helped my shooting budget a great deal. 1000 rounds of .22 long rifle go a long way at the range. In my case, it’s about the cost of 100 rounds of 38 Special.  Always apply the 4 safety rules of shooting and have fun that’s what shooting is all about.


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