Cleaning Semi Auto Pistols Pueblo Colorado

Cleaning Semi Auto Pistols

Safely Unload Your Semi Auto Pistols

1] Handle your semi-auto pistols safely. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, treat the firearm as if it is loaded, and keep your finger off the trigger.

2] Eject the magazine.

3] Empty the chamber.
Pull the slide back and visually and physically (stick your finger in there) check that there aren’t any cartridges in the magazine well or in the chamber. Be double-sure your firearm is unloaded. You do not want an unexpected boom while stripping your firearm.

4] Make sure to remove all ammunition from the area, ideally to another room while cleaning the weapon.

Field Strip the Semi Auto Pistols. Check your owner’s manual for the field strip procedure.

1]Dismantle Semi-Auto Pistol safely

2]Identify the parts you are cleaning. Semi-Auto Pistols are usually made up of 4 major groups of parts.
4]Guide rod and recoil spring

Clean the Handgun

Reassemble the Handgun

There are many techniques for cleaning and lubricating semi-auto pistols. We will be discussing all the ins and outs of these procedures with a hands-on 2-hour seminar that will be held in early June. This class will be inexpensive and limited in space. Sign up early so that you won’t miss it. Don’t forget that clean, lubricated semi-auto pistols will function better in self-protection situations. We will have a list of supplies to bring, cost, and dates for the semi-auto pistol cleaning seminar that will be published soon. Space will be limited…..


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