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Colorado Court Ordered Gun Safety CourseColorado Court Ordered Gun Safety Course

I have been contacted many times over the years to provide Colorado Court Ordered Gun Safety Course. This is an easy process and I can handle it on a one on one basis. Colorado Court Ordered Gun Safety Course can be required for many reasons. When a person gets a DUI/DWAI in Colorado and has a gun in the car this can be one of the common reasons I see these requests. A person in Colorado cannot be in possession of a firearm while drinking or intoxicated, in or out of an automobile makes no difference. Another reason a person can be required to do a Colorado Court Ordered Gun Safety Course is when you have a firearms accident causing injury to yourself or someone else. I recently had a young adult who shot himself in the leg and was ordered to complete a Colorado Court Ordered Gun Safety Course. Sometimes juveniles are required to take a Colorado Court Ordered Gun Safety Course when they have done something nefarious with a BB gun. Just last month I had a man who shot his gun in the air trying to warn off trespassers on his rural property. These and many other violations of the law can trigger a Colorado Court Ordered Gun Safety Course.

Don’t panic a  Colorado Court Ordered Gun Safety Course can be accomplished very easily and the NRA program I use will satisfy all requirements. Just contact me and we will get together on an agreed schedule and complete the course and paperwork. This class is available for schedule most days and some evenings.  Colorado Court Ordered Gun Safety Course takes approximately 3 hours to complete and is only $45. Sign Up Today

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  1. […] instructor through the NRA and the U.S. Concealed Carry Association who has conducted numerous court-ordered firearms training classes. He said the sponsor for the course isn’t typically mandated, but he often uses an NRA class […]

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