Pueblo City Park Gun Range

Pueblo City Park Gun Range

Pueblo City Park Gun Range Shooting LanesPueblo City Park Gun Range 10 lane facility has a long history it has been at this location forShooting Range Rules over 50 years. Many members and non-members use the facility thru out the year. The Pueblo Colorado Shooting range is primarily a handgun range some .22 cal rimfire rifles are allowed. In the handgun arena, no handguns bigger than a .44 mag are allowed and no handguns firing shotshells are permitted. That means a .50 Cal S&W is not allowed or a .454 Casull. But it can be confusing .45 ACP and .45 Long Colt are allowed. No rifles firing centerfire ammunition, so the 9mm carbines are off-limits, and any of the AR pistols are out. When in doubt don’t shoot.

The Pueblo City Park Gun Range is open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights Outdoor Picture Gun Rangefrom 7 pm-9 pm. There is a $10 fee for each shooter. Ear protection and eye protection are provided if you do not have your own. Targets are available for purchase and sometimes ammunition is available. The Pueblo City Park Gun Range will be manned on public nights by some of the finest RSO’s (NRA Range Safety Officers) volunteers. These people are there to see that the non-members abide by the rules and handle their firearms safely. Many of the volunteer staff was trained by me when I was the Chief Range Safety Officer for the range.

Become Certified as an NRA RANGE SAFETY OFFICER and help your range!!

The Pueblo City Park Gun Range is open to members 24-7 except when other events are scheduled (Board Meetings, Shooting events, and Maintenance). No fee is charged when members shoot. Each person is responsible to clean up after themselves and leave the facility in better shape than they found it.

Pueblo City Park Gun Range Meeting Room

The Facilities

There is a nice big meeting room as you walk into the building at the Pueblo City Park Gun Range and this is where I have held many classes over the years. I have trained many students in that room and on the shooting range both for the range and my private classes. The Free Gun Safety Class that is required of all new members was developed and taught in that room by me when I was in charge of that program. However, most of the time I hold my firearms classes in my private classroom downtown but, sometimes a bigger place is nice with room for many people. In addition as a Certified Instructor with my credentials in place at the range, I also have the availability to use the Pueblo Colorado Shooting Range when the need arises.

Find The Range

To find the Pueblo City Park Gun Range From Interstate 25, take US Hwy. 50 West to Pueblo Blvd. Head South on PuebloPueblo City Park Gun Range Zoo Parking Lot Blvd. to Goodnight Ave. Turn Left at Goodnight Ave. and head into Pueblo City Park. Drive through the park to the Pueblo Zoo parking lot. The Range building is 50 feet North of the Zoo entrance. If coming from the south turn right on Goodnight and follow directions through the park.

As always I am available for training in a scheduled class or privately.

I teach Colorado Concealed Carry Classes regularly. These classes are approximately 4 hours long and are held many days during the week. These classes consist of learning about guns and gun safety. Colorado gun laws both here in Southern Colorado and up North in the Metro Denver area because they can be different. I also teach Self Defense Law in my classes. Self Defense Law is something many classes do not provide. I also give you a private shooting lesson with each class, and that lesson does not expire. You can use it any time.  In addition to teaching people how to handle their guns safely and shoot, I am the only instructor in Southern Colorado that has these classes everyday of the week. Contact me to get some training.

I also have a popular class called Handgun Fundamentals. This class has basic instruction on guns and safety and is not a concealed carry permit class. Many people who have just purchased a gun and are not gun owners love this basic class. It shows you how to handle your gun safely both administratively as well as shooting. This class comes with a shooting lesson at the only Pueblo Colorado Shooting Range that has indoor facilities. This means any time of year no matter the weather we can make it happen.

Here are some important safety tips for gun ranges and the indoor Shooting Range Pueblo:

  • Always treat every firearm as if it is loaded, even if you think it is unloaded.
  • Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction down range at all times. Never point it at anything you don’t intend to shoot.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire and the gun is pointed down range.
  • Know your target and what is beyond it. Make sure there is a proper backstop to stop bullets and that it is in good shape.
  • Wear proper eye and ear protection while shooting.
  • Follow all range commands and rules about when to load, unload, go down range, etc. (applies to outdoor ranges)
  • Never go in front of the firing line until the range is cold and it is clear with range officials. (applies to outdoor ranges)
  • Ensure your gun is unloaded with the action open when not shooting.
  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.
  • Ensure you have properly maintained and know how to operate any gun you bring to the range.
  • Be aware of your firing lane and do not allow muzzles to cross into other lanes.

Treating firearms with utmost respect, following all safety protocols, and maintaining situational awareness at all times is crucial for a safe range experience.

This Shooting Range Pueblo Co has memberships available and you can join on the first Monday of every month at 6pm. Membership must be done in person at the range. They will create a photo ID and verify your driver’s license. This Shooting Range in Pueblo Co does not require  NRA membership to join.

Color Change Targets

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