Appendix Carry-Mexican Style

I had always assumed carrying Mexican was a racist term as many do, but that’s not true at all. The origins are from the Mexican vaqueros and it defined how you had to carry a gun in Mexico. (The Root of Appendix Carry)

Appendix Carry-Mexican Style

If you go way back in the southwest to the roots of this term, you will find that there is no racism, in the term “Mexican Carry.” The history of the gun tells us that back in the 19th Century, the Mexican vaquero was much like the American cowboy. They were both an independent and self-reliant bunch who often made it a point to carry a handgun everywhere they went. The day came in Mexico when the average citizen was stripped of his former right to go armed when he wished.

The Average Citizen Could Not Be Armed

This did not sit well with the freedom-loving Caballeros. They grudgingly took off their gun belts and holsters, because possession of these would be seen as evidence that they had violated the draconian new laws that disarmed them. However, they defiantly kept their handguns, simply stuffing them into the waistband behind their ordinary belt. If the Federales came into view, the citizen would simply slip his revolver into some discreet place where he could retrieve it later.

Appendix Carry-Mexican Style

As we all know or should know to carry Mexican is a bad idea! You know stuffing your heater in your pants without a holster! For a gun to be safe it should always be in a holster where the trigger and trigger guard is protected. It’s bad (dangerous) enough when you appendix carry and do it properly with a holster. If you were to ever have an (AD) accidental Discharge or an (ND) Negligent Discharge in this carry position it might very well be your last. Male anatomy and femoral arteries are in that direction and neither is a good thing. That being said this position has become popular for a number of reasons.

Appendix Carry is Popular

It keeps the handgun at the front of the body where the hands spend most of their time. Appendix carry advantages are many: a fast, intuitive, and uncomplicated draw from nearly any body position; the ability to conceal a fairly large handgun without printing; excellent retention of the handgun and, for some, comfort.

Remember there is a right and wrong way to do everything. I like to say a safe way and a dangerous way. If you are gonna practice appendix carry you should be sure of the rules at the establishment you are shooting at. Pueblo Municipal Shooters does not allow it except under the instruction of a certified instructor who has privileges at the range. Just an FYI you can only draw from a strong side belt holster at PMS according to the rules and you must be in the booth at all times. I can help you with appendix carry. I have additional information on the subject and you can learn to do it safely.

Remember- carrying a gun in your waistband without a proper holster is dangerous for several reasons:

  1. Lack of trigger protection: Without a holster, there is no proper coverage or protection for the trigger guard. The trigger can easily get snagged on clothing or other objects, potentially causing an accidental discharge.
  2. Poor retention: A holster is designed to securely retain the firearm and prevent it from falling out. Without a holster, the gun can easily slip out of the waistband, potentially falling to the ground or into the wrong hands.
  3. Unsafe reholstering: Reholstering a firearm without a holster is an extremely dangerous maneuver. It increases the risk of negligent discharge or the gun pointed in an unsafe direction during the reholstering process.
  4. Lack of protection: A holster protects the firearm from sweat, dirt, and other environmental factors that could potentially damage or malfunction the gun.
  5. Potential for injury: Carrying a gun in the waistband without a holster increases the risk of the gun sliding or shifting, which could lead to the gun pointing in an unsafe direction or potentially causing injury to the carrier or others.
  6. Concealment issues: Without a proper holster, it can be challenging to effectively conceal the firearm, especially when moving or bending over, which could potentially violate concealed carry laws or regulations.

The safe and responsible way to carry a firearm is to use a proper holster designed specifically for that gun model. Holsters provide necessary trigger protection, retention, and safety features to prevent accidents and ensure proper handling of the firearm.

I have Draw from the Holster Clinics all the time. It takes a couple of hours and is very reasonably priced. Contact me for Holster Training.

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