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Shotgun Training
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Shotgun Training
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Shotgun shooting is great fun and you can do it in many forms and locations in Colorado.  Pueblo and the surrounding area have much availability for hunting, trap, skeet, and sporting clay shooting.  Shotguns are available in many sizes and gauges. Many beginners choose to shoot a 20ga shotgun for learning and then move up to a 12ga with a little more experience. I started as a youngster with a 20ga and as time went on I moved to a 12ga shotgun. I still own and enjoy shooting 20ga shotguns in some circumstances. At the recent NRA Woman on Target event held at Cactus Flats in Penrose Colorado and sponsored by Pueblo Municipal Shooters, we had a large selection of shotguns that everyone could try. Combat and Home Protection shotgun shooting practice can be done at Republic Shooting Range as well as sporting clays which is great fun. I will be offering the NRA Shotgun Training Course this year to anyone that is interested in this great sport.

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