Mar 162017

Gun Cleaning Something to consider when buying a gun

Gun CleaningThe month of March has been great fun (and it’s not over) with my free cleaning class on Wednesday nights, but I have realized that there are a lot of people who can’t field strip their firearm and clean it properly. One criteria for a good self- defense firearm is ease of cleaning. Obviously many people do not ask or don’t care because they have someone else clean it. I have found that if you need special tools (like the one that comes in the box with the gun) you are less likely to clean your gun on a regular basis. Many of the well-made guns field strip very easily and can be a dream to clean. You can ask the dealer when you are looking at the gun, if it’s not obvious to the dealer how to field strip it how are you supposed to figure it out. I like to watch someone take it apart on Youtube. Usually that will show you the secret code or handshake you need so that you can get it apart to clean and maintain. Then it just goes back together the opposite way RIGHT!!. Remember not to over lubricate. Sometimes in my class or at the range I will see a puddle of oil under a gun. I even saw a guy at the range oiling his gun between rounds of firing. Guns do not need a lot of lubrication just a little in the right places will keep you gun running smooth for a lifetime

Feb 202017

Free Gun Cleaning Class

Not all firearms are easy to clean. If you have never cleaned a gun before or are new to guns, or if you are having trouble disassembling or reassembling your firearm when you clean it, then you will want to come to one of our comprehensive classes on gun cleaning. This free gun cleaning class is designed to help the gun owner learn and understand the best possible way to clean their particular firearm. Learn from a knowledgeable instructor that has over 20 years of stripping, cleaning, reassembling, modifying, and rebuilding various firearms. Come to class with the firearm you want to clean. We will supply you with everything you will need to clean your gun, and provide hands on classroom instruction:

You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to clean a modern firearm, unless it has been neglected. We’ll show you what you need and will probably save you a bunch of money.

When you bring your firearm to class please follow these safety rules:

Free Gun Cleaning Class will be held at 6pm Wednesday Evenings space is limited and advance sign up is required. Once you sign up you will be sent instructions by email about where class will be held. Give us your information on this form and include the gun make and model you will be bringing to class. There are several methods and preferences to cleaning your firearms, the methods offered in this class are only suggestions, it is always better to follow the manufactures recommendations for a clean and well maintained firearm.

Free Gun Cleaning Class
  •   March 1st
      March 8th
      March 15th
      March 22nd
      March 29th
Feb 182017

I had always assumed carrying Mexican was a racist term as many do, but that’s not true at all. The origins are from the Mexican vaqueros and it defined how you had to carry a gun in Mexico.

appendix carry


If you go way back in the southwest to the roots of this term, you will find that there is no racism, in the term “Mexican Carry.” The history of the gun tells us that back in the 19th Century, the Mexican vaquero was much like the American cowboy. They were both an independent and self-reliant bunch who often made it a point to carry a handgun everywhere they went. The day came in Mexico when the average citizen was stripped of his former right to go armed when he wished.

This did not sit well with the freedom-loving caballeros. They grudgingly took off their gun belts and holsters, because possession of these would be seen as evidence that they had violated the draconian new laws that disarmed them. However, they defiantly kept their handguns, simply stuffing them into the waistband behind their ordinary belt. If the Federales came into view, the citizen

would simply slip his revolver into some discreet place where he could retrieve it later.

Appendix Carry-Mexican Style

As we all know or should know carrying Mexican is a bad idea! You know stuffing you heater in your pants without a holster! For a gun to be safe it should always be in a holster where the trigger and trigger guard is protected. Its bad (dangerous) enough when you appendix carry and do it properly with a holster. If you were to ever have an (AD) accidental Discharge or an (ND) Negligent Discharge in this carry position it might very well be your last. Male anatomy and femoral arteries are in that direction and neither is a good thing. That being said this position has become popular for a number of reasons.

It keeps the handgun at the front of the body where the hands spend most of their time. Appendix carry advantages are many: a fast, intuitive, and uncomplicated draw from nearly any body position; the ability to conceal a fairly large handgun without “printing;” excellent retention of the handgun and, for some, comfort.

Remember there is a right and a wrong way to do everything. I like to say a safe way and a dangerous way. If you are gonna practice appendix carry you should be sure of the rules at the establishment you are shooting at. Pueblo Municipal Shooters does not allow it except under the instruction of a certified instructor who has privileges at the range. Just an FYI you can only draw from a strong side belt holster at PMS according to the rules and you must be in the booth at all times. I can help you with appendix carry.  I have additional information on the subject and you can learn to do it safely.

Jan 172017

Gun Safety is InfectiousGun Safety is Infectious

It was a normal Wednesday.  I had a call the night before by a female who had the day off and wanted to get some firearm training, possibly leading to a concealed carry permit. We started class in my normal fashion doing some paperwork and talking about places of employment and my house rules. We then came to the point where I check the guns.  You know, no live ammunition in the classroom. I have always had people show me that the gun they have with them in class is safe and unloaded and that they have no ammo in their possession.  This gives me a chance to see them handle the gun and gives me a clue as to what knowledge or bad habits they might have.  I took her and the newly acquired compact semi-auto handgun in the box to the designated safe location for such activity and when she took it out, it had a trigger lock on it. We talked about the lock and the fact that she had kids at home while she was removing the lock.  I reminded her of the safe direction as she got the gun out, dropped the magazine, racked the slide and a big shiny 9mm (JHP) hollowpoint flew out of the ejection port and my jaw dropped.  Yes, I have seen this before, but to be honest I really did not expect it this time.  The look on my face had to be priceless.  She said, “I didn’t know that was in there”.  So we talked about how it happened.  Apparently someone other than her checked the gun to see if it was loaded.  She stated she never keeps one in the chamber in storage, just a full magazine and that is how she stores the firearm. So by not dropping the magazine first, whoever it was loaded a round and then the trigger lock was installed. When she saw my instructions for class she knew not to bring any ammo in the classroom, so she took the magazine out of the locked gun and proceeded to come to class with the spare empty magazine.

Gun Safety is Infectious-Infect everyone you know

Remember to teach people to visually and physically inspect the place the round fires from in all guns.  This is a primary skill that everyone needs to learn.  Guns without slide locks are tougher to be safe with, they just take more care. Also, always check a gun yourself.  Do not rely on others as they may not know how to do it properly either (gun stores, gunshows).  In addition, it amazes me the number of people who do not know step number one in unloading or clearing a handgun is to remove the ammunition supply.  I was very lucky this was a double action handgun with a lengthy trigger pull and she was not touching the trigger as she cleared her gun as so many students do in my primary classes.  I have actually been witness to people clearing the handgun in their automobile before coming into the building for class, and I cringe every time I think about the ND (negligent discharge) not AD (accidental discharge) that could happen in my parking lot. Gun safety is the most important aspect of gun training.  It is the foundation of everything we teach. Everyone at one time or another shows another person how to operate a firearm.  It could be a spouse or a child, it might be a friend or a stranger.  Knowledge is infectious and when it comes to gun safety infect everyone you know.

Sep 112016


Many of you know C.R.S. §18-1-704 is Colorado’s Use of physical force in defense of a person statute. There are five forceable felony’s listed in this statute. These felonies are crimes that a reasonable and prudent person could use deadly force to counter. I have listed these felonies Robbery, Burglary, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault, and Assault and the legal definitions with the Colorado statutes on my student resource page (
Recently it became necessary to password protect this page from unauthorized users. If you need a password and you are a student of mine email me and I will send you a password.
DISCLAIMER: Have Gun Will Train Colorado and Rick Sindeband does NOT give legal advice. You should seek competent legal advice if you own a firearm for self-defense. Discuss the legal ramifications of firearms and self-defense with a knowledgeable attorney who specializes in CRIMINAL LAW in your local jurisdiction. Law, both statutory and common, regarding self-defense varies widely from one area to the next, and is constantly changing. Only accept legal advice on firearms and/or self-defense from the POLICE or OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES OR OFFICIALS if it is in writing on official letterhead signed by a sworn senior supervisory official of that department in his or her official capacity or a current official document of that department bearing the department’s insignia and signed by the current head of the department (Chief of Police, Sheriff, or Special Agent In Charge). Verbal (not in writing) advice from law enforcement personnel may be in error and will have NO standing in a court of law.
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new shooter 500Get as much training as you desire. Our new 3 Level Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit Training Program lets you build your training and skill over time. Each module is attainable in approximately 4 hour blocks. Take the Level I class no matter what your skill level is now. This gives you a good foundation for advanced training later.

Get the training you need to apply for your Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. This permit allows you to carry a Concealed Handgun in Colorado and 33 additional states.

A firearm is not required to take Level 1, but if you own a firearm you should bring it to class. Many people want to learn about handguns and how to pick the right one for self defense. A firearm that is a gift or a hand-me-down may or may not be the right one for you. Level 1 instruction is not an NRA program. The NRA does not want Instructors teaching Gun Laws in their classes, and this is an important part of your Concealed Handgun Permit Training.

Level I is all that is needed to obtain a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit

Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit
Level I 

Streamline the process of obtaining your permit
Firearms safety
Colorado Gun Laws and Elements of Self Defense
Safe handling of both Revolvers and Semi-Auto Pistols
Picking a firearm
Ammunition and Ballistics
Holsters and Equipment


Sign Up For Level I

This class is approximately 4 hours of training.

Level I Concealed Handgun Permit Training includes live fire and may not happen on the same day
as class. Colorado does not require live fire for a permit, but we think it is a good idea for
everyone to attend a live fire session. Some people like to attend live fire after the purchase
of their firearm.

This class is designed for the new gun owner,the experienced user, or anyone who needs basic
firearms education to be safe and obtain a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit.

You can continue your education leading to the NRA Defensive Pistol Certification by taking both
Level II and Level III
Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit
Level II

Gun Owners Responsibility
Ethical Responsibility
Concealed Carry and Safe Gun Handling
Principals of Concealment
Presentation From Holster
Mental Awareness and Preparation
Shooting Qualification


Sign Up For Level II


This class is approximately 4 hours of training. Level I or equivalent is required to attend
you will need….
Gun, 100 Rounds FactoryAmmo, Proper Holster and Belt, Eye and Hearing Protection


Colorado Concealed Handgun permit
Level III

Techniques for Avoiding Life Threatening Confrontations
Psychological and physiological Changes
Flash Sight Picture
Cover and Concealment
Reloading Under Stress
Clearing Common Stoppages
Shooting From Concealment
Shooting Qualification


Sign Up for Level III

This class is approximately 4 hours of training. Level 1 or equivalent is required to attend.
Level II and Level III must be completed to be Certified in The NRA Defensive Pistol Program.
you will need….
Gun,100 Rounds Factory Ammo, Proper Holster and Belt, Eye and Hearing Protection